New Latest Best 50 FB Status ! APRIL 2021 !

new Latest Best 50 facebook status

Making noise doesn’t make a name, do the work in such a way that even silence gets printed in the newspapers.

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Our way of living is a little different, we live on our stubbornness not on hope…

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The story of our life is such, in which we are heroes too we are villains…😎😎😏

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Hum baat khatm nhi krte kahaani khatm krte hain…🔥🔥

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Who could not understand us, he has the right to understand us bad.

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Lucky are those whose relations come to our house, otherwise only warrants come to our house.

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Attitude only I show them…👆 Those who do not understand manners…😎😎

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Some people started asking our status, sell their personality, so much is our status…👆😎😎

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If I had made friends by seeing my status.. then you would not have been even near me…🔥😎😏

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Amazing your tantrums, Kamaal is your style, you don’t have the skills to talk, and have a mobile in your hand.

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